Insight Pest Management

Newbury Park

California USA

Newbury Park, California – Insight Pest Management, a pest control business based in Northern LA, is pleased to announce the additions of Rich Madlangbayan and Jonathon Teaff to its team. These valuable new team members will greatly contribute their expertise to the company’s mission of offering quality commercial and residential services to eight cities throughout Ventura County.

Though only recently established in 2016, the family-owned company is already making a name for itself as a force in Ventura pest control, ranking within the Top 10 Pest Control Companies of Ventura County. Welcoming both Madlangbayan and Teaff to the management team will assist with its climbing popularity.

Insight examines its clients’ properties for infestations – from rodents and birds to termites and fleas – and offers a variety of services to treat such infestations. Based in science and driven by service, the company utilizes the most advanced technology available to identify entry points and prevent future damage, minimizing risks to both client property and personal health. Promising effective pest control in Simi Valley, the company even offers complimentary inspections from trained professionals to ensure detailed examination and accurate treatments.

In terms of residential pest control, Insight offers several cost-effective programs. Single-treatment services are ideal for clients with known existing problems or less common infestations best handled on a case-by-case basis. Programs like the monthly program are preferable for vegetation-heavy homes with recurring problems that require intense upkeep and heavy care. The best deal can be found in the every-other-month plan, ideal for regular checkups, seasonal landscaping, and ensuring structural integrity throughout the year.  All three plans guarantee service for ants, earwigs, spiders, cockroaches, roaches, and crickets.

As for commercial services, the company offers an integrated one-time service ideal for the retail, hospitality, industrial, and food industry sectors. Designed to be effective without distracting from the work environment, Insight’s commercial infestation management requires no preparation and is executed in the early morning for maximum efficiency. This plan focuses specifically on roaches, rodents, and ants.

The company has gained a positive reputation for their treatments of more intense infestations, especially termites, offering services for both dry wood and subterranean species. For other intense infestations, such as rodents and birds, Insight offers detailed proofing with a one-year guarantee.

As Insight Pest Management expands its status as a pest control force in Thousand Oaks and surrounding Ventura County, Rich Madlangbayan and Jonathon Teaff are welcome to team members.

Contact: Israel Alvarez