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Residential Pest Control Simi Valley

Certified and experienced exterminator in Simi Valley ready to rid your home of pests and educate how to prevent new infestations.

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Maintains strict Integrated Pest Management state regulations and auditing standards.

Termite Inspection Simi Valley

Fumigations, liquid treatments, local treatments, structural repairs along with escrow needs.


Comprehensive experience in rodent, bird and bee exclusions, prevention and property management clean-outs.


If you have proof of pest issues and wanted to protect a home or business against them, Insight Pest Management can help. In this case people need to do a thorough inspection of property by expert technicians. Insight Pest Management is the best company to do pest control in Simi Valley. We will come and inspect the property thoroughly. We have important equipment on hand such as moisture meters, telescoping cameras, and UV lights to help to identify high risk areas like entry points, leaks, and cracks.

Insight Pest Management has an ability to control the pests, rats, rodents, termites and many other problematic intruders. Each of these are a dangerous problem that can be dealt with, or exterminated by perfect planning. Insight Pest Management has also the options for the treatment with liquid chemicals and granules in which if these organisms ingest these materials then they die within a certain amount of time.

All of these organisms are high risk to human health and property in long life. Other insects like wasps, crickets, flies, rats, mosquito’s, and cockroaches carries various diseases in human life and property due to this it is important to eliminate them for forever. Insight Pest Management experts work with accuracy, team spirit and does everything we can to help keep the environment clean.

A full termite inspection is recommended in every home in Simi Valley because 1 in 3 homes are affected by termites in their life-time. Here at Insight Pest Management, we believe prevention is key when it comes to white ants. When you discover a termite on your property, the last thing you need is expensive solutions. California is an aging city with many warm and cozy nooks and crannies, in which the creepy crawlies love to hide, make homes in and build families around.

Insight Pest Management offers a range of Family friendly & environmentally friendly, Pest Management & Solutions for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Premises. Our qualified Simi Valley exterminators are highly regarded among Simi Valley’s pest professionals, and have payment options to suit any budget. We provide termite inspections in Simi Valley for homes and businesses, real estate escrow termite inspections, termite treatment and Pest control options, and wood repair for termite and dry rot damage.

Insight Pest Management can determine which species are infesting your home or business. Termite infestation is something that is not easily identifiable by the naked eye. Experts in this field are well trained to perform a thorough search and inspection of the house and suggest the needed precautions or solutions. We have more than 15 years’ experience of pest Control in Simi Valley & surrounding areas.

Termites are great anxiety for homeowners. Termites, however, always have wings that are longer than the body, while ant wings are about the same length of the body. We are fully licensed for all types of animal and pest control for both residential and commercial services. The Insight Pest Management system has been proven to eliminate entire termite colonies, making it the optimal choice for exterminating termites. Call us today for a free quote on your termite control in Simi Valley & surrounding areas. Once we ensure that your home or workplace is clean, we will educate you on further termite control awareness.



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